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Hi everyone! 

 I am a one woman business and all emails and social media conversations and interactions are made by me, Kayleigh. Please read below our lovely privacy policy which is in line with the new GDPR (general data protection regulation).

When you email us directly at we usually ask for your name, order, email address and phone number so we can contact you if we needed to and to sometimes send you a text with a friendly reminder of what time you need to collect your cake and our collection address. 

Sometimes you will send us an email via our website. We also ask for your name, order, phone number and email address. Sometimes you would like an item delivered and then you give us the delivery address. 

Once your order is complete this email is deleted from our gmail and from our website. 

Our email is with Gmail who are GDPR compliant. Our website is hosted by Wix who are also GDPR compliant.


Sometimes you pay by paypal and we will receive your email address and address on our paypal dashboard. Paypal are in the process of becoming GDPR regulated and we shall update this status once we have their new privacy policy.


We deerly beloved bakery do not pass this information on and we only keep your email address with permission so we can send you a lovely Christmas newsletter once a year! 

If you do not want our newsletter then you can press the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter at any time. 


We also use facebook, twitter and instagram analytical tools when we place an ad with facebook or instagram. This helps us target our audience by age and location. This information is supplied by facebook and instagram and Twitter who are GDPR compliant.

You can also send us private DM on fb, twitter and instagram once we have replied to your message it is deleted. 

We will also always ask your permission to share your photos of our cakes on our social media.


Our website is hosted by wix and uses cookies and our blog is hosted by blogger which also uses cookies. 

Right that's enough technical stuff, i'm off to bake a cake! 

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