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                                                                                Our Ingredients.
                                             Always Vegan, Always Delicious!
 Allergen information:
All our cakes may contain/or are made in a kitchen that may contain:
Gluten namely: wheat (such as spelt and khorasan wheat), rye, barley, oats, 

The chocolate chips we use are made in a factory where nuts and milk may be present.
Our salted caramel is made with coconut cream.
The Oreo biscuits used in our Cookies and Kream Cake and the Oreo Cookie Dough Traybake are made in a factory where milk may be present. 
GF and Soy Free:
We are a VEGAN bakery not an allergy bakery, however most of our cakes and bakes can be made on request with gluten free and soy free INGREDIENTS, just ask! However we do have these allergens in our kitchen as we use wheat flour, gluten and soya milk daily in our bakery. So although we will use ingredients free of these allergens when requested, we cannot rule out traces in our cakes and bakes. So please make sure this is suitable for your allergy requirements.

We use fresh wholesome ingredients in all of our cakes and bakes and we make everything from scratch in small batches so they are as fresh as can be when you receive them. 

We source all our ingredients very carefully to make sure they are 100% vegan so you can have piece of mind when you eat our cakes.

All our energy used in the bakery is supplied by Ecotricity which means our electricity comes from green sources such as wind, solar and wave power and our green gas is from a sustainable Frack Free source!
We also try to source all our packaging from recycled, biodegradable and FSC materials! 

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